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I've had the opportunity to live in some unique places and experience various cultures  and lifestyles. My photography is greatly inspired by these experiences, as well as my strong appreciation for architecture, fashion, family and nature. I have always had the itch to travel the world with my camera in hand, and I'm thrilled to be pursuing my dream of photographing destination weddings!

Aside from photography and travel, I am a mother to my two sons, Roman and Jude. Being a mother is by far my greatest accomplishment in life! Take a look around to get to know me a little more and see my latest work.  

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Every love story is unique and deserves to be documented on the wedding day and well into the future. Choosing a wedding photographer is a life long investment in something that's value will become more meaningful to you and your loved ones as time goes on. Photos are extremely powerful, and I am honored  that my job is to create them for you!

Every love story deserves to be documented 

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